About J5t.

J5t is a tracked robot with castor style dolly wheels at the rear, originally the idea was to replicate Johnny Five from the film Short Circuit, but now J5t has evolved into something else.

J5t currently has the ability to change shape and fire guns. In this shape changing process, there are 16 hinged joints that work together to reposition the tracks, RCX, head arms and body... all powered by one motor closing one of the joints.

The control of the shape change positioning is provided by one light sensor, which also gives J5t the ability to 'go a bit more' and fire it's weapons.

The only non-lego parts I've used are some aluminium foil, sticky tape, double sided tape and a piece of paper with a grey scale printed on it. Everything else is pure and original Lego.

I hope J5t gives you ideas and whilst you can freely copy any information or pictures of J5t please remember that he is my work and if you use anything in work you publish... let me know and give credit where it's due... thanks.