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If you've not seen my pneuMaggot, check it out. Since building the pneuMaggot I've been researching a little, one website I found very useful is Kevin Clague's Lego Pages, in particular his write-up on pneumatic sequencing. I don't really follow the boolean logic, however once I'd built a sequencing circuit I felt I had enough knowledge to try something of my own.

The sequencer I bulit from Kevin's info was quite simple, I doubled it up to a 6 piston sequencer... then I got the idea of a 'bug'. One Step is the first of a few designs using the same legs, frame, pistons and switches. The images below show the stages of movement I wanted to achieve... move each leg in turn, then move the whole body.

Now this is where boolean logic sails on by. I built the sequencer for the individual leg movement, then I drew the setup in Corel Draw and added in the circuits for the complete sequence.

Once I had produced the images for each step of the pneumatic sequence, the construction of the sequencer was straight forward and worked first time. Piston/switch sequence video clip (.wmv, 989kb)

I found a use for the rubber band holders.

The completed walker, the frame comes apart real easy, allowing configuration changes ;)

Moving bot :) (.wmv, 1.37mb)

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