I must confess, I doidn't even think to take any piccies whilst I was building the genny... I was buzzing and the construction just flowed... from having the stator and rotors ready, it only took me 4 hours to get the thing hanging off a door and working!

So here's some post construction piccies.

Front and side view of the alternator assembly.

View of the gearing going to the alt.

Currently there's 3 stages of gearing up;
Input = 1:5
Chain = 3:5
Final = 1:3
Giving an overal gear up ratio of 1:25 (if I got the maths right)

The cotton tape travels through a roller system, the main drive is via 4 pulley wheels with tyres which the cotton tape is wrapped around.

The mechanism that stops the cotton tape from slipping through the rollers.

At first the mechanism was just tensioned using the shocks... but the tape slipped... I added the hanging cradle which has 2 weight brick and the slippage stoped. I think I can gear up the genny some more yet, meaning a heavier drop weight, so adding more weight to the hanging cradle works out nicely for adding more tension.

Spring loaded clamp

The 'weight'

The weight is a small sandwich bag containing bismuth shot, and hooks into the fixtures on the cotton tape.

The whole thing

After I finished the genny, I tested it 'dry'... max RPM approx 800.
Then I sprayed all of the axle holes, gears and chain with PTFE/Silicone oil... with the same weight, the alt hit 1800 RPM!

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