Spam email with as the from/reply address

Ok... I'm getting real annoyed with persons unknown to me sending out email using a from and reply address.

Last week I announced that any such identified person or entity sending out spam email with a return and from adress purporting to be from would be invoiced for 1.00 per email sent.

I've recieved more bounced emails (not deliverable) and emailed the IP owners... and still gotten bounced email using my domain as the from or reply address.

The following charging rates are in force as at 14:00 (GMT +1:00) 7th May 2006.

Any person or entity identified sending email using a from OR reply address will be charged the following;

  • Unauthorised email using a from OR reply address 100.00 (GBP) per email sent.

  • Unauthorised email bounced back to using a from OR reply address 1000.00 (GBP) per email

Internet service providers:

  • You are liable for any unauthorised infringements relating to email addresses and you will be charged as above for your inability to keep tabs on your customers' email activity.

  • You agree that if you allow email to be sent from your servers that have a from OR reply address you will cooperate by releasing email totals for emails that have a from OR reply address.

  • The charge for non-cooperation is 10,000 and by allowing email to be sent that have a from OR reply address from your servers you agree to this charge.

To request payment details for authorisation for emailing using a from OR reply address please email, the cost for authorisation is 100,000 (GBP).

If you do not agree to the pricing for using a from OR reply address:

  • Do not allow any email to be sent via your servers.

  • Do not send any email.

Charges may be waived at my discretion, to apply for a charge waiver please email explaining your reasons for wanting the charges to be waived.

Terms update; 20:00 (GMT) 7th December 2006

Any spam email sent to any email address will incur 10 recieving fee per email.

By sending any spam email to any email address the originator agrees that;

  • they,
  • their company,
  • their domain registrar,
  • their domain administrator,
  • any person or entity directly associated or identified with the content or origin of the spam email,
Shall be liable for the receiving fee, and as such any person or entity identified agrees to pay the recieving fee.

Any person or entity associated or identified with any spam email recieved by any email address also agrees that they shall be responsible for all administration fees regarding said spam email. Administration fees shall be determined at my discretion.

Sould you not agree with these terms, do not send any spam email to any email address.

Update: 24th June 2009 21:00 (BST = GMT+1)

Next target...
'kin numptie spammers from China.

The originator of any email message (spam or otherwise) originating from OR linking to China (or any country under chinese law, or any other country that allows their subjects to send out spam email messages) sent to ANY agrees to the following terms;

  • 100 receving fee
  • 50 administration fee

The sender of message(s) that fall into the above category(s) shall also agrees that;

  • They (the sender/originator)
  • Their ISP (the sender's ISP, or proxy ISP server owner)
  • or Government
  • are jointly and severably liabale for the charges incurred.

    Note: messages sent with a rely or from address will still be treated as fraudulent and subject to an additional 100 fee for fraudulent usage of a email address.

    As before, if you do not agree to these terms;

    • Do not send spam email to any email address.
    • Do not allow your customers (ISPs) to send spam email to any email address.
    • Do not allow your citizens (governments) to send spam email to any email address.
    • Do not allow messages sent with a reply-to or from adderss that references or resembles any email address.

    Upshot of this situation is... As of now, when you send spam (or any other unsolicited email) to any email address, you have agreed that your government is liable... governments please pay attention to my terms and stop your spammers.

    The terms described on this page are final and binding. The terms may change at any time without notice. home