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Today, I sent a message to the Xbox online support service via, below is my message;


I have heard rumours that Xbox Live for the regular Xbox will be discontinued sometime in 2007. Please can you provide accurate information relating to this.

Also I would like to know when PGR2 will be able to be played on the Xbox 360. Note, I already have an Xbox 360 and PGR3, however the Xbox Live playability of PGR3 sucks.


The reply a few hours later.

Hi Paul King,
Thank you for your email,We are not disconnecting the regular xboxlive yet these are just the rumers that you are hearing so don't belive them it;s not true.and as far as the backward compatibility od pgr2 is concerned we have a team of some of the best developers at Microsoft dedicated to improving the compatibility of games already on the list and adding more games to the list. We're not announcing any dates, as we honestly don't know how long it's going to take to support the next series of games. If you wish, you could email your request to

Thank You.
Customer Care Support.

Do you want PGR2 to be available on the 360?
Do as the reply suggests :)
Send a message to